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Welcome to this pretty nerdy blog about investing and financial freedom.

You will find here articles about long term investing in real estate and stock market (and more) and reports from a journey towards financial freedom.

All from a european perspective (currently living in Ireland ☘️).

Life plans blow - getting divorced, part 1

I had this pretty perfect life with perfect plans. A loving husband. A strong network of friends in Dublin. A community of fellow tech entrepreneurs. A paid off place with all nice renovations done, and adjusted for my tastes. A paid off car, nice job… It was really good. But then my relationship broke down, a crisis followed up by a breakup. I’m not going to get into details of what happened exactly, we can say that the relationship has ran its course....

December 8, 2023 · Justyna

How I made myself feel poor in 2022 - market downturn experience

Over the years, I’ve been very fortunate financially, which allowed me to get richer and richer. Yet, in 2022 I was feeling poorly about money much more often that I should. Even though I was at a peak of my earnings and net worth. It was due to problems with my mindset and some tactical mistakes. Over the years, I’ve been very fortunate financially, which allowed me to get richer and richer....

February 9, 2023 · Justyna

Semi retiring instead of going for FIRE

I’ve been on the financial independence journey for many years. My goal was to accumulate enough wealth to never have to work again. Then I could stop working completely and then just do fun stuff. Well, I decided that this is likely not the best goal for me. Before you leave this blog, I’m not giving up on the FIRE concept! I’m still a fan, but I think that there is a better way for me....

June 4, 2022 · Justyna

1 Simple trick to avoid the risk of being out of the market when selling your RSUs to rebalance your portfolio

You might have one of those good problems that you have received quite a lot of restricted stock units (RSUs) from your employer. Why a problem at all? Having a lot of your net worth tied up in a stock of a single company can be pretty risky and if you work for the same company you won’t be able to liquidate the stock when you need it due to insider trading restrictions....

March 16, 2022 · Justyna

Money and marriage: importance of a reliable partner

Last year I got married. Marriage is a long term commitment that can determine your financial future. “The handling of finances is one of the major emotional battlegrounds of any marriage. Lack of finances is seldom the issue. The root problem seems to be an unrealistic and immature view of money - David Augsburger, The Meaning of Money in Marriage” Money can cause a lot of stress in a relationship....

February 6, 2022 · Justyna

Golden handcuffs - when you are sticking it out, just because it pays so damn well

If your job or career pays so well that everything else pales by comparison, it pretty much locks you down in golden handcuffs. Yes, this is an extremely privileged position, yes, an unsatisfying high paying job is objectively much better than unsatisfying low paying job. It is a first world problem for sure, but it’s still a problem. If your job is not great, but they are similarly or better paying ones out there, then you don’t feel like you need to stay in it....

December 23, 2021 · Justyna

Capital Gains for Asset Traded in Different Currencies

It’s December again and time to pay up the Irish Capital Gains taxes (if you are an Irish tax resident) for the first period of 2021. If you need more info about it, look at I have just calculated my due capital gains this weekend and I thought to share some of my tips. I’m not a tax professional, so as always feel free to double check any advice on this blog....

December 5, 2021 · Justyna

Degiro vs Interactive Brokers - my experiences

If you are new to investing you might be asking yourself how to do it and which broker to use. In Europe there are a bunch of popular ones, but for serious investing people usually recommend either Degiro or Interactive Brokers. This blogpost is not an ultimate guide to those two products, I’m just a normal investor and I want to share some of my experiences. I also only use the web desktop versions as I don’t want to do investing (or trading) from mobile....

October 27, 2021 · Justyna

How I ended up with an overly complex portfolio

If I exclude employee pension contributions, as of October 2021 I’ve been investing for a little over three years. I didn’t know where to start and it seemed risky and complicated. Funnily enough I think I was much more anxious about paying taxes correctly than losing money. I had this unjustified confidence in myself that I will make good, rational decisions regarding the investments, but filling the tax forms correctly… oh my!...

October 9, 2021 · Justyna

Good property management companies are worth their weight in gold

Real estate might not be that passive One of the biggest differences between stock market investments and owning real estate is that real estate is much more work. With the stock market, one of the best strategies is to keep regularly buying more shares of a diversified fund, and that’s it. You don’t need to sell (and you shouldn’t really!) and there is no need to spend a lot of time researching if you found the right diversified fund (e....

August 31, 2021 · Justyna