Investing in Ireland is hard! I’ve been diving into the topics of investments for Irish residents for quite a while and even though I wished that everything was as simple as in USA, there are some good options here in Ireland.

The fact that things are harder, doesn’t mean that you should give up. But you need to do your research. I’m starting this blog, because I’ve been struggling and learning for last couple years and I want to share and continue sharing with you what I’m learning. I’ve been fascinated by the real estate investing and financial independence communities, but most of them are targeted at Americans, and the taxation rules are very different. How do those things translate to the Irish market? Do you know how will you be taxed? I would like to have more high quality content that fits the Irish reality. I hope it will help you on your journey.

I come from a perspective of a relatively young high income earner. I am also quite frugal and I actively try to minimize my expenses. I want to achieve financial independence in next five to ten years and pursue various entrepreneurial projects. I believe it is possible if you act right and do your research. Having plenty of disposable income to invest is a good problem to have, but it is still a problem for many people like me. I understand that this makes this blog not for everyone. Irish investing landscape is surprisingly not friendly towards investing, so I think the blog like this is really needed.

Some topics I plan to write about next

  • how I minimize my income tax through investing
  • investing into stock market from Ireland, taxes, etfs, buying stocks
  • real estate investing (in Ireland and abroad)

Stay tuned!